About ME


::Personal Information::

During my 16 years of working digitally, I have immersed myself in most aspects of digital design production. I gained an extensive experience in fields ranging from print media, photography, web design to multimedia. But, all things considered, these are just tools to pursue what I am truly passionate about: exploring creativity through innovation. And it is this passion, to “think outside the box”, that reflects my approach in business and in life.

Being in business myself, I consider working with a team indispensable. It is this capacity to be a team-player that I can see my strength. I also consider myself adaptive, taking up roles from designer to decision maker, all of which contributes to the team functioning optimally, regardless of the task at hand.

::Design Qualities::

Thorough and meticulous
Fast and able to work under pressure
Ability to stick to the creative brief and other guidelines
Excellent knowledge of design and typography

::Personal Qualities::

Friendly, inquisitive, hardworking, funny, eager and passionate

::Software Proficiency::

I have, at most, 16 years worth of extensive knowledge of these design software applications.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Flash

Thanks for taking the time to look over my profile.


Amiel lapuebla
(smart) 0928.555.08.12


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